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IN STOCK DISCOUNT Shuttlecocks Merco Professional 6ks blue, Merco
They are made of yellow plastic and have a cork head. These balls are designed for commercial centers, clubs, etc. Special technology has been used to manufacture these balls to bring the flying properties
DISCOUNT badminton balls Spokey FLAME, Spokey
synthetic ball with perfect performance and durability while playing both outside and in the lobby the weight of the ball is adapted recreational play Head: rubber Head length of 26.5 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
DISCOUNT Badminton net Spokey BADNET, Spokey
Parameters: Network: Material: PP Dimensions: 6.10 m / 0.75 m Posts: Material: Steel Dimensions: height 1.70 m diameter 15 mm
IN STOCK DISCOUNT Shuttlecocks Yonex Mavis 2000 Yellow, Yonex
The latest model of plastic balls Yonex that their quality and characteristics very close feather balls. Suppressing unwanted rotation during the flight phase of impact and optimizing the flight trajectory
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IN STOCK DISCOUNT Shuttlecocks Yonex mavis 350, Yonex
One of the most popular and best badminton plastic balls at all. Excellent flight valstnosti, long shelf life. Suitable for both beginners and recreational players and experienced badminton players. Type
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