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DISCOUNT Carabiner  Rock Empire Steel DS ZRC013.000+0000W, Rock Empire
Steel motorcycleabiners from Rock Empire screw lock. Material: Steel Dimensions: 24 mm Weight: 210 g Capacity lengthwise: 45 kN Lorries cross 12 kN Lorries opened lock: 10 kN Norm: EN 362, EN 12275
DISCOUNT Carabiner  Racer Bent ZRC027.000+0000S, Rock Empire
The new motorcyclebine from Rock Empire with a bent lock. Weight: 42 g Capacity: 23/7/8 kN Size: 26 mm
DISCOUNT Carabiner  Rock Empire HMS Magnum 3T ZRC033.000+0000D, Rock Empire
Dural from HMS motorcycleabiner Rock Empire meets sports and labor standards. K-Lock latch does not catch anywhere, easily snapping and selects protection. Carabiner shape works great with half the ship

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