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Summit To Eat rice pudding with strawberries 810100

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Summit To Eat
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Rice pudding with strawberries.

Long grain rice (28%) / cream (milk) (26%) / whole cream (milk) (22%) / sugar, rice flour, strawberries (1%).


Number of portions 1
Package weight 86 g
Weight after preparation of 351 g
Energy value 404 Kcal
Protein 5.5 g
Carbohydrates 64.4 g
Of which sugars 33.4 g
Fats 13.4 g
Of this fatty acid 8.6 g
Fiber 1.6 g
Allergens of milk
Police life 7 years


1. Tear off the edge of the bag
2. Remove the bag containing the oxygen scavenger (a non-flammable bag containing moisture-absorbing iron oxide)
3. Pour hot water (155 ml) into the bag and mix.
4. Close the bag and rehydrate the contents.
5. After 8 minutes mix or whisk.

The dish can be consumed directly from the bag or served on a plate as needed.

Sout the use of artificial preservatives:
Thanks to the preferred use of natural ingredients before artificial ingredients, Mountain House has an excellent natural flavor.

What are the benefits of frozen food?

  • Appearance - lyophilized (frozen) foods retain their original shape and structure, unlike air-dried foods that are shrinking and shrinking due to high processing temperatures. Just add water and within a few minutes you return the food to its original form.
  • Taste - They taste as well as fresh. Freezing removes water, not taste. So the lyophilized foods preserve virtually all their tastes, vitamins and nutritional content.
  • Weight - weighs less than fresh. By freezing the food is freed of 98% of water. This significantly reduces weight, making handling easier and reducing transport costs. For example, 10 kg of strawberries weigh only 1 kg after freezing - one-tenth of your original weight! However, they can quickly rehydrate back to their original weight.
  • Long shelf-life - frozen foods can be stored for several months or years at room temperature without any damage or degradation.
  • Low storage costs - beDovod they can be stored at room temperature, do not require expensive cold or chilled storage space, making storage much cheaper.

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