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Skates Tempish TRINITY EX

TRINITY EX skates are designed for recreational, advanced and experienced skaters. .. more


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TRINITY EX skates are designed for recreational, advanced and experienced skaters.

    Special street skates designed for riding in freestyle skate parks, city, motorcycle parks, and inline trails.
    The base of the TRINITY EX skates comes from the very popular TRINITY skates. She is her upgraded successor. The skates have been adapted to the requirements of experienced freestyle riders. The two-time champion of the Czech Republic in freestyle skating Tomáš Brandejs was also involved in her development.
    The TRINITY EX was improved in these details:
    1st adjustable upper buckle on the inside of the shoe - securing the buckle was turned by 180 st. And added to the tape guidance along the shoe
    2. The skates are now fitted with better quality wheels with increased durability
    3rd inner liner was modified in the center, upper back - now is softer and easier to motorcyclery out some freestyle tricks
    4. On the tongue in its upper central part was removed PVC reinforcement piece, again for easier implementation of some freestyle tricks and better stabilization in the central position
    The chassis is fitted with 4 RADICAL wheels, which ensure very good handling, speed and high life.
    The pitch of mounting holes on the chassis is: 150,165,180mm.
    Chassis length: 240mm
    Level of sports load 4.
    Wheel nuts: one-sided 8 mm.
    For size 38, two middle wheels 76 mm and 72 mm / 85A, 39-45 two middle 80 mm and 76 mm / 85A

    • Recommended use : Sports freestyle skating, high load, advanced, experienced and racing skaters.
    • Skeleton: PP material, double with ventilation in the shell part, joint is screwable with the possibility to adjust the upper part of the skeleton, replaceable outer protector
    • Inner material: Fine Nylon, absorbent Velvet
    • Chassis: cradle, CNC construction extra reinforced, one piece, full blk alox, transverse and longitudinally adjustable
    • Castors: SUPER HI-REBOUND
    • Wheel diameter : size 38 76mm / size 39-44 80mm
    • Wheel hardness : 85 A
    • Bearings: ABEC 9 chrome steel
    • Brake : NO
    • Closure system : laces, microprocessor stripe, upper self-locking buckle

    Inner insert length :
    Size: 38 - 23,5cm
    Size: 39 - 25.0 cm
    Size: 40 - 26 cm
    Size: 41 - 26.5 cm
    Size: 42 - 27 cm
    Size: 43 - 28 cm
    Size: 44 - 28.8 cm

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