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Women fitness gloves Spokey ELENA II blue-turquoise


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Fitness gloves guarantee palm protection and prevent the tool from slipping during exercise. High quality material keeps the air flow constantly.
On the inside of the palm are sewn cushions of thin foam, which protects palms from bumps.
Stretch and fitness gloves with a wide elastic wrist retraction to protect against injuries.
Additional handles allow quick gripping of the gloves.
The gloves are equipped with special handles to facilitate and accelerate removal from the palms.
Designed: for exercise in gym and fitness


  • Material: 65% leather, 30% polyester, 5% foam
  • Wide strap on wrist.

Sizes are measured at the palm of the palm:

  • S 20-22 cm
  • M 22 - 24 cm
  • L 24-26 cm

: 3 days

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