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Men hoodie Devold Blaatrøie sweater zipper 210-412 285

Unisex woolen sweater. .. more


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Unisex woolen sweater.

Already 140 years keeps Devold's tradition of DEVOLD BLAATRIE series. Models originally designed for fishermen who spent most of their lives in difficult conditions at sea along the Norwegian coast. Thanks to the excellent insulating ability of the wool material, the hard work was a bit more pleasant and DEVOLD®BLAATRØIE® gained the popularity they still have.
Knitting from clean and new wool and quality workmanship, DEVOLD BLAATRIE is almost immortal.
Wool fiber of the lower layer contains more air and has very good insulation properties. Worsted yarn on the outside is unusually durable.
The combination of tradition, modern design and perfect cut is ideal for work-off days and rest and travel.
Material made of high quality merino wool is comfortable, breathable, soft and pleasant to feel. Naturally, it resists odors. Award-winning feature especially for multi-day sports performances without the possibility of washing or changing.

  • round neckline for easier layering
  • decent embroidery for a perfect trend look
  • Material : 100% pure new wave
  • Weight : 500 g / m2
  • Thread: 27 micron / 31 micron

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