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Women hoodie Devold Thermo jacket GO 278 470 A 010A

Women's full-bodied sweatshirt. .. more


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Women's full-bodied sweatshirt.

Comfortable sweatshirt with perfect insulating properties for all who do not miss the opportunity and enjoy the time spent in nature in any weather.
Excellent top layer on warmer days and insulating layer on days when the weather is not too inclined.
Embraces the body with a perfect cut, backed by the choice of flexible material and side panels, allowing maximum freedom of movement in any activity.
Material made of high quality wool is comfortable, breathable, soft and comfortable to touch. Naturally, it resists odors. Award-winning feature especially for multi-day sports performances without the possibility of washing or changing.

  • full front zipper for extra heat extraction
  • elongated back part protects the shoulder
  • flat seams eliminate skin scuffing
  • extended sleeves with an eyelet to warm the wrist and palm reliably
  • breast pocket with zipper and side pockets with zippers
  • Material : 100% pure new wave
  • Weight : 470 gsm
  • Thread: 30 microns

Availability: 3 days

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