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Gloves Devold Innerliner GO 245 630 A 950A


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Internal functional insulating gloves - Innerliner mittens made of very fine Merino wool are ideal as an additional thermal insulation layer for any gloves - mittens. Are not you sure your gloves are warm enough? Or you're worried they're too hot. Cold wound on the ski lift, afternoon temperatures above zero. Easy solution - INNERLINER insulating 100% Merino insulating material for a high level of insulation and a pleasant feeling when wearing it.

Isolation for cold up to freezing days.
The Innerliner gloves material made of high quality Merino wool is comfortable, breathable, soft and comfortable to touch. Naturally, it resists odors. Award-winning features, especially for multi-day use without the possibility of washing or changing.

  • heats and cools precisely according to the actual needs of the human body
  • removes moisture from the body
  • warm even though it is wet
  • it does not provide suitable living conditions for bacteria, so it does not commit even after multiple sweating
  • does not irritate the skin
  • is very breathable
  • eliminates the effects of UV radiation
  • it is non-flammable
  • Material: 100% merino wool
  • Weight : Ultralight 150 g / m2
  • Fiber : Superfine 17.5 micron
  • Sizes :   M (7), L (8.5), XL (9.5)

    : 3 days

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