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Sleeping pad self-inflating HANNAH Leisure 5,0 Wide Green

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HANNAH self-inflating hood

We classify the Leisure mat in the Lite category, which features an optimal ratio of thermal insulation, weight and collapsibility. The ideal ratio of these properties is ensured by vertical cavity designs that are evenly distributed in the PU foam. Wide version versus classic and height 5 cm are the perfect combination for comfortable sleeping. The model is recommended for three-season use and higher weight rather for longer stays in camps. Supplied including a repair kit and a collapsible bag.

Product properties

  • product info: cover
  • weight: 1330 g
  • material: polyester (PES)
  • size: 198 x 63 x 5 cm
  • dimension after collapsing: 20 x 37 cm (16 x 65 cm)
  • thickness: 5 cm
  • type of cover: self-inflating
  • product type: mattress
  • color: Green
  • color: Gray

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