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Sleeping pad self-inflating HANNAH Great 7,0 Blue

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HANNAH self-inflating hood

The Comfort Comfort Comfort is great for the highest comfort in sleeping. Wave divider system slows heat loss while 7 cm thick gives you maximum comfort. Taklid material made of solid fabrics is highly mechanically resistant. Suitable for long stays in the camp, where there is no need to count extra grams. Supplied including a repair kit and a collapsible bag.

Product properties

  • product info: cover
  • weight: 2100 g
  • material: polyester (PES)
  • size: 198 x 63 x 7 cm
  • dimension after collapsing: 24 x 34 cm (24 x 65 cm)
  • thickness: 7 cm
  • type of cover: self-inflating
  • product type: mattress
  • color: Blue

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