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This HMS karabiner is developed for demanding climbers. Beam technology (special high-temperature fittings) reduces weight at current load capacity. The large radius allows for comfortable securing and use of other safety devices.

Key lock - Simply a brilliant latch system that addresses the problems associated with traditional motorcycleabiner design. The rope, loop, or ribbon plaque does not catch a beak on the motorcyclebine nose. It does not have sharp edges that could damage the rope or loop. Of course, it makes it easier to arrange and use motorcyclebines on your workload. No one's getting caught!

  • unique design
  • specially high temperature forged
  • for demanding climbers
  • large radius


  • Color Screw Gate.aqua 1569
  • Weight 80 g
  • Load capacity 24 kN
  • Loading capacity 10 kN
  • Load capacity 7 kN