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Shuttlecocks Yonex mavis 350

Shuttlecocks Yonex mavis 350


High quality plastic ball Mavis 350 with cork head from YONEX. .. more

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Shuttlecocks Yonex mavis 350

One of the most popular and best badminton plastic balls at all. Excellent flight valstnosti, long shelf life. Suitable for both beginners and recreational players and experienced badminton players.

  • Type of ball: plastic (nylon)
  • Material: Nylon + cork head
  • Color: yellow tutu
  • Packaging: 6 pieces in a jar
  • Included speeds: slow (green), medium (blue), fast (red)

Included speed:

Green -: slow recommended especially during the summer months when the air temperature and haláchvysoká balls fly faster. At the same time, this model is suitable for players with great physical control of the Fund and lower punches.

Blue - Medium speed: versatile and also our best selling rate. In houses with white walls, we recommend for better orientation of the ball in yellow design.

Red - fast: this rate is primarily intended for smaller children and the player with the lowest physical Fund.


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