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Waistbag Lowe Alpine Nijmegen 6 berry / by

Kidney for quick outdoor activities .. more


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Lowe alpine
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Kidney for quick outdoor activities

The bottle of water bottles will not let you suffer from thirst. Thanks to the anatomical shape of the stretch straps, it sits perfectly on the body.

Pack only a few things you need and go out into nature. This Lowe alpine kidney is named after Nijmegen March, the world's largest walking event, and will make sure you do not get thirsty during your quests.

The kidney has a naturally anatomical shape at the factory, making it easier for you to move on the body.

All the pockets are closed with zippers and the rear safety pocket will be the perfect place for your papers. There are also two water bottles and a LED light strap in the kidney - if you stay outside.

Key properties

  • Volume: 6 l
  • Weight: 0.32 kg, with bottles 0.49 kg
  • Anatomical shape for better fit on the body.
  • Compression surface and strap straps.
  • Padded rear panel made of airmesh.
  • Two bottles of water.
  • Zipped pockets.
  • Rear zipper pocket.
  • Handle for easy motorcyclerying.
  • LED light loop.
  • Reflective details.
  • Key clip.

: 3 days