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Shoes Treksta Cobra 210 GTX BOA man black / lime

Universal boots with high-speed BOA system .. more


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Universal boots with high-speed BOA system

Universal boots with high-speed BOA system.

The upper is dominated by a combination of synthetic fabric, artificial leather, sprayed elements and, above all, the BOA system of tightening steel ropes that easily and evenly tighten the shoe upper to the foot. S the only pull on the wheel, the shoe will then "untie" and within a second you can remove the boots from your foot. S this model, the tightening strand around the collar of the shoe over the heel pulls the toe and the heel together and significantly reduces the movement of the foot in the shoe.

The lining is made of Gore-Tex ® Extended Comfort Footwear that 100% protection against external moisture and vapor should release the legs out contributing to a good klimakomfortu shoes.

The EVA foam midsole, combined with a lined stiffener, ensures the right place and flexibility of the flexing shoe while the Hypergrip® HGL (Light Weight and IceLock Blocks) outsole ensures good adhesion to the terrain under all conditions. IceLock blocks of rubber contain glass fiber bundles, and this restricts slipping of shoes on ice and wet surfaces. The front of the shoe is well protected against being thrown out by the massive rubber collar of the sole.

: 3 days

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