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Sweatshirt HANNAH Beverly cherries

Hannah Beverly full-body women's hoodie .. more


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Hannah Beverly full-body women's hoodie

The Hanorah Beverly full-bodied sweatshirt has a practical adjustable hood, high quality zipper, wide sleeves on the sleeves in the waist and classic side pockets. It is made of Polarsoft Thermo structured knitted fabric.

women's Hannah Beverly Sweatshells Like Women:
- Cellozepínací system
- Adjustable hood
- excellent thermal insulation properties

Polarsoft Thermo is a fleece knitted fabric with wrinkled hair. Thanks to the internal fiber composition, the garments with this material have excellent thermal insulation properties, excellent warmth and minimal water absorption. Excellently applied as a "second layer" in the layered garment system, it can also be worn as outerwear.

Hannah Beverly Cherries can be picked up in person or sent by Czech Post or PPL.

: 3 days

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