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Scooter Mini Micro Blue

Scooter Mini Micro Blue

Micro Mini was designed with the help of Swiss medical experts. .. more

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Scooter Mini Micro Blue

It ideání for developing balance and coordination movements preschoolers - a necessity for every parent! To turn the Mini Micro uses a special system that only turns moving the control rods. For children it is a safe and intuitive operation.

  • Parameters: Wheels: 120 mm / 80 mm PU 87 A hardness
  • Tyre Width: 24 mm
  • Overall dimensions (height, width, length): 67cm, 22cm, 55 cm
  • Handlebar height from ground: 67 cm
  • Handlebar Width (handle): 26 cm
  • Length of wear layer: 30 cm
  • Width of wear layer: 11 cm
  • Wear layer height from ground: 5.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Colour: Pink
  • Capacity: up to 20 kg
  • Age: 3 years


Brands: Micro
Intrastat: Koloběžky - 1,50 - 95039099
Availability: 5 days


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