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Women wool jacket with collar Devold Egga GO 265 475 A 173A

Stylish woolen jacket with zip fastener. .. more


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Stylish woolen jacket with zip fastener.

Can you get the weather when you're still in the T-shirt and warm in the hoodie? Does it hurt you to constantly strip and dress? We have a solution for you. Devold Lifestyle is the perfect combination of isolation, breathability and comfort in one. The so-called diamond pattern on the inside of the jacket ensures extra air permeability , but also great thermal insulation . Underarms, chest and loins are the most appealing places in any demanding activity. That's why the side panels, the chest and loin panel are made of weaker material, especially for keeping your temperature comforter. Thanks to its cut and 100% merino wool material , the jacket offers great freedom of movement. The high collar with double material guarantees that your neck and part of your face will be protected from wind and cold in bad weather. The zip is finished with a cloth that protects your chin from scratching. Flat seams and raglan sleeves prevent unpleasant skin scuffing. There is a drawstring at the bottom of the jacket. The sleeves are finished with a shaped double -sided cuff for greater resistance to mechanical damage. The undisputed advantage of the jacket is also two side pockets . On the inside of the collar is a strap for easy hanging. Due to its perfect design, the jacket is suitable for both demanding activities in the mountains and the city .
Safety and health for you are guaranteed by OEKO-TEX® certification . The Devold brand meets the stringent criteria of the International Textile Testing and Certification System.

  • high insulation x low weight
  • breathable material - better drainage of sweat from the body surface
  • soft to touch and adaptable to your body - extreme comfort in motion
  • Odor resistance - you do not have to wash it so often (super for longer tours)
  • flat seams and raglan sleeves - eliminate skin scuffing
  • shaped wrist cuffs - greater protection against mechanical damage
  • strap on the inside of the collar - easy hanging
  • high collar - a feeling of warmth in all weather
  • chin guard - prevents scratches and zipping
  • chest, loin and side panels made from weaker material - more comfort for more demanding activities
  • machine washable and dry in a tumble dryer
  • 100% natural merino wool - it keeps warm even though it is wet
  • Material: 100% Merino wool
  • Weight : 260 g / m2, 210 g / m2 (panel on chest, shoulders and hips)
  • Fiber : inner layer 20.5 micron, outer layer 17.5 micron

: 3 days

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