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Headwear Kari Traa Bjorke Vangen GREY

The comfortable gobelin-type cap with a pommel loves colors and relaxed style. .. more


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Kari Traa
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The comfortable gobelin-type cap with a pommel loves colors and relaxed style.

We dress as part of the apre-ski outfit or as a radiant point of the day-to-day day in the city, and we will never miss it, as the crown will decorate us and keep the head warm , so we can concentrate on ourselves and the experiences that will bring us day. Whether in the mountains or in the city.
The quick-drying 4-way flexible material perfectly adapts to the shape of the head, fits and retains its original shape and appearance for many years. The scuffed side of the back protects and heats up .

  • Material :
    100% acrylic
  • Sizes : UNI

Kari Traa is not only a champion in ski freestyle disciplines with three medals from the Olympics, but also creators of successful sports brands.
Sportswear created to fit women's shapes, but also to meet active and sporting lifestyle requirements. Most Kari Traa products are designed to be worn by teenagers. Thanks to Merino Wool, the laundry is warm and at the same time thin and comfortable. Kari Traa also produces hats and gloves. If you are looking for women's jackets and pants with a unique design, then you are also in the right place. Jackets and pants are unique not only to their design but also to the fact that they are tailored to women and fit perfectly. You can also find sports windbreakers, sweatshirts, brassieres and plenty of accessories. Ideal whether you're going to aerobics, zumba, spinning or just go running.
Absolutely unique are the Kari Traa bras. Brassieres are designed to provide maximum comfort in sport. The straps are reinforced, the whole bra is free-cut, made of quick-drying fabric and has the perfect fastening system. Thanks to a unique combination of two fabrics and a variety of stretch marks, it prevents unpleasant bumps and thus excessive strain and strain. Even with no bra you have not experienced such sporting comfort and the opportunity to enjoy every activity at full.

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