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Cooker Jetboil Millijoule


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Outdoor stove designed for heating liquids even in very difficult climatic conditions, especially at low temperatures up to to - 12 ° C. Jetboil Millijoule is exceptional for its sophisticated design, dimensions and fuel-efficient use.
S a 1.5 liter cooking pot, it is the ideal cooking system for trips for 2 travelers or climbers.
Cooker - stand with burner and everything needed including a gas motorcycletridge is stored in the container. Everything is ready for immediate cooking - you don't fold or mount anything.
The uniqueness of the Jetboil Millijoule lies in the patented design of the fuel outlet valve of the motorcycletridge, which, along with the upward displacement of the motorcycletridge, allows for a constant supply of fuel even when the motorcycletridge volume is reduced. Another advantage of the product is the guiding of the liquid fuel through the copper conduit through the surroundings of the burner, thereby preheating it before the gas is evaporated through the nozzle inside the burner. Also, the openings on the bottom of the cooking pot provided with a heat exchanger made of anodised aluminum strip pressed into an infinite W-shape also assist in the economical operation of the cooker. competition shows higher fuel efficiency.

  • Patented valve design, pressure regulator for finest burner control and upside down motorcycletridges for maximum liquid fuel usage
  • Unique Fluxring System - anodized aluminum strip, extruded into an infinite W-shape for great heat transfer
  • A comfortable and reliable piezo lighter
  • The fuel is passed through a copper tube around the burner, thus preheating it
  • Stable handle that can be folded for easy storage
  • The lid is fitted with a built-in strainer and plastic handle for easy handling
  • The cooking pot is provided with a neoprene wrapper for easy and safe handling and longer maintaining the contents temperature
  • All parts of the cooking system are stored in the cooking pot, saving space during transport. Subsequently, a 100g Jetboil motorcycletridge can be stored in the cooking pot.
  • You do not need a special gas - the cooker is a classic screw thread
  • Weight : 547 g
  • Volume containers: 1.5 l
  • Power : 10000 BTU / h (3,000 W)
  • Boiling 1 liter of water : 2 min 40 s (Average time when using Jetboil motorcycletridges)
  • 24 liters of water can be cooked on a 230g motorcycletridge
  • Dimensions : 165mm x 114mm

    : 3 days