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Summit To Eat vegetarian Jalapeno with rice large package 805200

Vegetarian Jalapeno with rice. .. more


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Summit To Eat
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Vegetarian Jalapeno with rice.

Long grain rice (23%) / red beans (13%) / cauliflower (13%), peppers (13%) / tomatoes (13%) / onions (10%) / tomato paste, rapeseed oil, dark dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier, vanilla flavor), Chipotle Chilli paste (ground Chipotle, sugar, wine vinegar, salt), corn flour, salt.


Number of portions 1
Package weight 217 g
Durability 7 years


1. Tear off the rim of the bag
2. Remove the bag containing the oxygen scavenger (a non-flammable bag containing moisture-absorbing iron oxide)
3. Pour hot water into the bag and mix
4. Close the bag and allow the contents to rehydrate. The process takes less than 10 minutes

Food can be consumed directly from the bag or served on a plate as needed.

Takut artificial preservatives:
Thanks to the preferred use of natural ingredients over artificial ingredients, Mountain House dishes have an excellent natural aroma.

What are the benefits of frozen food?

  • Appearance - Freeze-dried foods retain their original shape and texture, as opposed to air-dried foods that shrink and shrink due to high processing temperatures. Just add water and in a few minutes you will return the food to its original form.
  • Taste - taste as good as fresh. Freezing removes water, not taste. Tak lyophilized foods retain virtually all of their tastes, vitamins and nutritional content.
  • Weight - weighs less than fresh. Freezing frees the food from 98% water. This significantly reduces weight, which facilitates handling and reduces shipping costs. For example, 10 kg of strawberries weigh only 1 kg after freezing - one tenth of their original weight! However, they can quickly rehydrate back to their original weight.
  • Long shelf life - frozen food can be stored for several months or years at room temperature without any damage or deterioration.
  • Low storage costs - beDovod they can be stored at room temperature, they do not require costly cold or chilled storage space, making storage much cheaper.

: 3 days

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