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Laundry detergent Atsko Sports wash 30ml

Laundry detergent Atsko Sports wash 30ml

Detergent. Single dose bag. .. more

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Laundry detergent Atsko Sports wash 30ml

Sport- Wash® is reliable for use on all fabrics, while being effective enough to remove odors and the most resistant stains (such as earth, blood and grass).

The secret of Sport-Wash® is that, unlike other detergents that leave brightening ingredients, fragrances and other scents on the garment, there is no residue left behind by Sport -Wash®. Your clothes will not leave anything clogging the pores of the fabric.

  • Sport-Wash® is just one refreshing and maintains the high performance of technical fabrics
  • Promotes the tenderness of fibers in fabrics that remove moisture from the surface
  • Helps breathability on waterproof breathable fabrics
  • Restores the fluency and efficiency of feathers and synthetic insulating materials
  • The rinsing is completely removed, leaving no residue left behind
  • Cleans and removes odors, but leaves no smell
  • Contains no bleaches, phosphates, softeners or brighteners
  • Is reliable for all fabrics
  • Biodegradable and safe for septic tanks
  • For washing and hand washing
  • Contributes to extending the durability of frequently washed clothes
  • Restores the functionality of water-repellent treatment
  • Received High Efficiency - High Efficiency
  • The bigger the pack, the lower the price
  • For all your laundry
  • Nanotechnology

Cotton, wool and synthetic materials remain completely clean. Insulated fillings made from Feathers and Thinsulate® and Hollofil® materials remain fluffy to keep the heat warm.

For HI-TECH fabrics such as Gelanots®, BlocVent®, Gore-Tex®, Climatic®, eVent®, Entrant®, HyVent®, Polartec®, Soft-Shell etc., it restores their water-repellency and breathability. The non-absorbent fibers of the fabrics leaving the body moisture on the surface promote the tenderness.


Brands: Atsko
Intrastat: Laundry substances - 0,5 - 34022090
Availability: In stock


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