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Vest Kari Traa Roth Tango

Women's stylish vest. .. more


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Kari Traa
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Women's stylish vest.

Bring your wardrobe to life with a vest whose timelessness you will love.
Vests of all kinds have accompanied us since childhood, and yet they are often a neglected piece of wardrobe. Why is it a mistake? Kari Traa is the best answer. Warm cotton vest with hood will be useful for a proper autumn hike or when you need to run in the cold weather with a dog.

  • durable material - resistance 60/40
  • warm material
  • two side pockets
  • cuff hem
  • Material :
  • Main: 100% cotton
  • next: 100% polyester

Kari Traa is not only a champion in ski freestyle disciplines with three Olympic medals, but also the creator of a successful sports brand.
Sportswear designed to fit women's shapes exactly, but at the same time to meet the demands of an active and sporty lifestyle. Most Kari Traa products are designed to be worn by teenagers. Thanks to Merino wool the linen is warm and at the same time thin and comfortable. Kari Traa also produces caps and gloves. If you are looking for women's jackets and pants with a unique design, then you are also in the right place. Jackets and trousers are unique not only in their design, but also in the fact that they are tailor-made for women and fit perfectly. The offer also includes sports windbreakers, sweatshirts, socks pant briefs and lots of accessories. Ideal for aerobics, zumba, spinning or just jogging.
Kari Traa bras are unique. The bras are designed to provide maximum comfort in sports. The straps are reinforced, the whole bra is bezhicová, is made of quick-drying fabric and has a perfect fastening system. Thanks to the unique combination of two fabrics and different directional stretchability will prevent unpleasant rocking of the breasts and thus excessive strain and loading. S no bra you have not experienced such comfort in sports and the opportunity to enjoy every activity to the fullest.

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