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Women t-shirt Devold Eika GO 181 291 B 222A

T-shirt for everyday hustle and bustle .. more


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    T-shirt for everyday hustle and bustle

    T-shirt for everyday hustle and bustle. Shopping, walks with children, free time in the park or by bike or skates. Hike to the mountains. A hard day at work. This t-shirt will not disappoint you in all these activities. It is made of an irresistibly flexible material with a perfect cut, which, thanks to its softness and softness, you will hardly notice.

    Beauty and comfort from NORWAY for women like you

    • Devold clothing is functional, stylish and timeless.
    • beauty in simplicity
    • Double hem - guarantees dimensional stability.
    • Round neckline - modern, suits every figure.
    • Breathable material - better removal of sweat from the body surface.
    • Thanks to the finest merino wool, it does not scratch or bite.
    • Easy to maintain: washing in the washing machine, drying in the dryer.
    • Thanks to the elasticity of the fiber, woolen clothing does not crease, has high durability and long life.
    • You will be warm, dry and cool in any weather.
    • Odor resistance - take a T-shirt every day without the need for frequent washing.
    • 100% natural merino wool - warms even when wet.

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