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Knitted Merino knee socks Kama F04 101

Merino stockings with original pattern. .. more


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Merino stockings with original pattern.

    Perfectly fitting stockings, provides maximum comfort and breathability. A suitable choice for skis or mountaineering even on the coldest winter days.

    • material 45% Merino, 50% polypropylene, 5% elastane
    • wide, comfortable hem
    • densely knitted knit for maximum protection of the foot, toes and heel under extreme load
    • A flat seam in a high-elastic knit on the instep holds the knee-high in place for ideal thermal comfort
    • ideal moisture wicking
    • size 35-38/39-42/43-46
    • easy maintenance
    • made in Czech Republic

      Basic rules for the treatment of wool products

      Hand wash
      - the product should be washed by hand in a lukewarm bath at 30 ° C max. Then gently squeeze and dry in a horizontal position, preferably on a towel. When rinsing, gradually lower the bath temperature to prevent precipitation or deformation.

      Machine wash

      - the product is machine washable. Only use a wool program that respects more gentle washing (reasonable temperature and reduced spin speed).
      - use mild detergents designed for wool, both for hand washing and in the washing machine.
      - Do not dry the product on a heater. If the heating exceeds the temperature of 30 ° C, (and this is quite normal) the water contained in the knitwear will also be heated above 30 ° C and the product will condense in the same way as during improper washing.

      Do not use fabric softener!

      Washing in warmer water (more than 30 ° C) and long grinding in the washing machine will degrade the product, the knit will become felted and it will collapse. Such a devalued product cannot be claimed.

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