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Women's turtleneck Devold Duo Active Woman Zipper Neck Poppy GO 239 244 A 190A

It is a two-layer material .. more


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    It is a two-layer material

    Come with us to immerse yourself in the details of the Devold Duo Active turtleneck. It is a two-layer material. Where the inner layer of 100% ThermoLite fiber quickly removes moisture from the body to the outer layer and for people with more sensitive skin to merino, Thermolite is more pleasant to the touch. The outer layer is 80% pure merino wool and 20% Polyamide. This fiber provides high thermal insulation and ensures that you stay warm even if you get a little wet or sweat. The layers are connected in a dotted manner every few millimeters. An ideal combination of fibers where the inner layer removes moisture from the body to the outer layer where it evaporates from its surface. In short, this turtleneck insulates perfectly and you will feel the constant pleasant warmth.

    • Devold clothing is functional and stylish, while it is timeless.
    • The quality and reliability have already been verified for you by world expeditioners and discoverers, athletes, mountain hut workers and various organizations such as the Mountain Service.
    • Thanks to the finest merino wool, it does not scratch or bite.
    • Easy to maintain: washing in the washing machine, drying in the dryer
    • Thanks to the elasticity of the fiber, woolen clothing does not crease, has high durability and long life
    • You will be warm, dry and cool in any weather.
    • breathable material - better removal of sweat from the body surface
    • soft to the touch and adaptable to your body - extreme comfort when moving
    • odor resistance - you don't have to wash it so often (great for longer hikes)
    • flat seams and raglan sleeves - eliminate abrasion of the skin
    • turtleneck with zipper - easy ventilation, protection in bad weather
    • ideal turtleneck as the first and only layer as well as the base layer in case of further layering
    • extended back part - protects the hips against cooling, does not roll out
    • double material on the cuffs - greater dimensional stability, resistance to mechanical damage
    • thanks to its double knit, it excels in perfect moisture wicking and high thermal insulation
    • 80% natural merino wool - warms even when wet
    • Internal: 100% ThermoLite
    • Outer: 80% Merino wool, 20% polyamide
    • weight: Mid 205gr / m2, fiber: Medium20,5 micron

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