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(Sold out) Men breathable running wool shirt Devold running GO 293 210 B 291A blue

(Sold out) Men breathable running wool shirt Devold running GO 293 210 B 291A blue

The ideal t-shirt for running and demanding sports activities .. more

Men breathable running wool shirt Devold running GO 293 210 B 291A blue

Are you running Do you skate? Do you go to the gym? Do you run a group exercise? Tak you need this t-shirt. Once you try it, you don't do sports in anything else! A pleasant, soft, ultra light and perfectly fitting t-shirt belongs to the Devold® Running line. It is characterized by clothing for training and all activities, when you expend a considerable amount of energy and sweat. The combination of soft Merino wool and Tencel® gave rise to a natural material that excels in breathability and absolutely luxurious wicking of moisture from the body. Tencel is a biodegradable material made from wood pulp by nanotechnology, is softer than silk 40% cooler than flax and is able to absorb 50% more moisture than synthetic materials.

See the perfection of this t-shirt. The thoracic part of the back and the area in armpit form a network ventilation panel. This guarantees better moisture wicking from the body, faster drying and excellent skin ventilation. The flat seams are guided outside armpit so as not to abrade the skin. On hot days, wear a T-shirt separately and it will keep you cool. On cold or frosty days, use it as a base coat. The air is an excellent insulator and if you put the second layer on the T-shirt, you will create an air bubble around the body with its own microclimate.


  • short raglan sleeves
  • extended back - prevents cold
  • flat seams - eliminate abrasion of the skin
  • ventilated mesh knit - strategically placed on the most sweaty parts of the body
  • Reflective details - a loop under the hem on the neck, the devold inscription on the front with a flat seam on the sleeve, the Devold logo on the back under the flat seam separating the neck knit from the classic one
  • The quality and reliability have already been verified for you by world expeditioners and discoverers, athletes, mountain hut workers and various organizations such as the Mountain Service.
  • The wool does not melt or burn and provides naturally high protection against harmful UV radiation.
  • Devold does not smell, even if you sweat several times in it, beDovod the wave prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Thermal underwear actively regulates your thermal well-being - it heats in the winter and cools in the heat.
  • Merino underwear Devold is lighter and more comfortable to wear than other materials thanks to its special processing
  • Devold can dress you for any activity and in any conditions.
  • ideal t-shirt for further layering
  • 69% natural merino wool - warms even when wet
  • Everyone will certainly appreciate the easy maintenance WITHOUT THE NEED OF IRONING and the possibility of WASHING T-SHIRTS IN THE WASHING MACHINE and DRYING IN THE DRYER.


69% Merino wool, 29% Tencel, 2% Polyamide. Weight: 130gr / m2, fiber: Superfine 17.5 micron

Rest assured that the Devold® Running T-shirt will not disappoint you during your sports performances.


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