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(Sold out) Men's sporty lightweight wool short sleeve T-shirt Devold Langevag GO 293 281 M 940A grey

(Sold out) Men's sporty lightweight wool short sleeve T-shirt Devold Langevag GO 293 281 M 940A grey

Wool T-shirt for leisure and your comfort. .. more

Men's sporty lightweight wool short sleeve T-shirt Devold Langevag GO 293 281 M 940A grey

T-shirt Langevag for your everyday at work, on a walk, in the park, on a bike, fishing or hiking. In short, a partner for every day. Everyone knows that wool is an indispensable material for your winter wardrobe. But did you know that summer is also high season for wool? Read about the great properties of the materials used to make the DevoldLangevag shirt.


  • Wool does not melt or burn and provides naturally high protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Devold does not smell even if you sweat in it several times, beDovod the wool prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Thermal underwear actively regulates your thermal comfort - warm in winter, cool in heat.
  • Thanks to special processing, merino underwear Devold is lighter and more comfortable to wear than other materials
  • Devold can dress you for any activity and in any condition.
  • ideal shirt for when you need to layer up again
  • The quality and reliability have already been proven for you by the world's expeditioners and explorers, sportsmen, mountain hut workers and various organisations such as the Mountain Service.
  • 70% natural merino wool - keeps you warm even when wet

Devold is the best natural quality from Keenrway. One of the oldest clothing brands on the market with in-house development and production in their factory in Europe. They use the highest quality wool from farmers mainly from New Zealand and Australia to produce their products. These farmers supply wool exclusively to Devoldu. The world of Devoldu is built on the most technical and unsurpassed natural fibre that we can process to perfection. It is made up of wool, which is a 100% natural fibre with properties that no artificial fibre can replace. Its primary purpose is to protect you. Although we cannot manufacture wool, for over 166 years we have been able to process it perfectly and extract its unique properties. We process our own wool and our production facilities are located exclusively in Europe. We are the only ones who control the entire wool production process, from shearing the sheep, to spinning the yarn, to weaving the knitted fabric and sewing the final product. We are uncompromising when it comes to quality and innovation.


70% Merino wool, 30% tencel; weight: 130 gr/m2, fibre: Superfine 17.5 micron


100% natural fibre, made from wood cellulose. It is completely degradable and its production is also very environmentally friendly. It has a cooling effect and, in combination with Merino wool, forms the best material for spring and summer. It is silky smooth, ideal for baby's delicate skin and for sensitive skin. It has many of the same qualities as wool.

Get a Langevag t-shirt, you are guaranteed to be satisfied.


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