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(Sold out) Men's T-shirt Devold Breeze Man T-shirt GO 180 211 A 000A white

(Sold out) Men's T-shirt Devold Breeze Man T-shirt GO 180 211 A 000A white

Short sleeve t-shirt. .. more

Men's T-shirt Devold Breeze Man T-shirt GO 180 211 A 000A white


Men's short sleeve T-shirt with "v" in 100% Merino

Men's Breeze T-shirt from the DEVOLD® BREEZE range. Extremely comfortable and still stylish base layer t-shirt

The weather in the mountains is constantly changing on summer days. A cool morning is replaced by a hot and sun-drenched midday and a storm rolls in for the evening. You want to enjoy those days too. Choose an optimal base layer that is breathable, quick-drying and quickly wicks moisture away from the body to the outer layers. It actively participates in the body's thermoregulation. The Breeze T-shirt meets exactly these needs

The very light weight and the softest material make the Devold ® Breeze T-shirt suitable for a wide range of applications

Whether your day is marked by sport, maximum workload, travelling in unfamiliar landscapes or complete and absorbing relaxation


The Devold® Breeze T-shirt cut to fit the strong male body combined with the stretchy material allows maximum freedom of movement for any activity



Short sleeves

Flat seams eliminate skin abrasion


The Devold® Breeze T-Shirt made from high quality Merino wool is comfortable, breathable, soft and comfortable to the touch. Naturally resists odors. An appreciated feature, especially during multi-day sports activities without washing or changing


- Warms and cools precisely according to the actual needs of the human body

- Wicks moisture away from the body

- Warms even when wet

- Does not provide suitable living conditions for bacteria, so it does not smell even after multiple sweats

- Does not irritate the skin

- It is very breathable

- Eliminates the effects of UV rays

- It is non-flammable


For every day

Multiple day hikes without washing and changing


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