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Socks Asolo by NANOsox

Socks Asolo by NANOsox


Trek socks with a large Merino wool and antibacterial silver nanoparticles. .. more

Availability: 3 days

9,72 € -10% 8,75 €

Socks Asolo by NANOsox

Antibacterial socks made of nanotechnology. Designed for outdoor and sports footwear, they contain a high proportion of Merino wool, reduce the risk of fungal diseases and mycoses, durable antibacterial protection due to silver ions, drain sweat and ensure thermal comfort, and can be used for several days without washing.

    Composition: 42% merino wool, 23% polyamide with silver ions, 20% polypropylene, 15% elastane
  • Color : black (388)
  • Sizes: S (35-38 EU), M (39-42 EU), L (43-47 EU)


Brands: Asolo
Intrastat: 61159699
Availability: 3 days


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