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Dryer shoes Heat Uš VOT 230

Dryer shoes Heat Uš VOT 230


ysoušeč VOT 230 is powered by a mains voltage of 230V / 50Hz. .. more

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Dryer shoes Heat Uš VOT 230

Shoe dryer VOT is primarily used for warming and possibly drying of one pair of shoes (ski, work, etc.). It consists of two cylindrical bodies and is powered by a mains voltage of 230V / 50Hz. The power supply is connected to one of the bodies and it is further fed by a second body. The whole device is plastic and against contact with hazardous voltage is double insulated.

How to use:

The heating element is inserted into the shoe and power supply plugs into a 230V / 50Hz. Immersion heater output is low and therefore it is possible to have hair permanently switched to dry shoes. The surface temperature of the heating element does not exceed the inside of the shoe 60 to 70 ° C. The opening in the shoe cover (obstruct) so as not to prevent air flow in the shoe. Furthermore it is not allowed to combine two sources of heat, eg. Air and radiator heating. Do not leave unattended switched on hair longer than necessary.

VOT is intended for drying shoes and use other than recommended by the manufacturer, can be potentially dangerous. The manufacturer and its distributors are not liable for damages caused by improper use.

VOT is an electrical device and as such must be handled motorcycleefully. When unplugged only pull the plug. Do not use the air outside, away from the water, in front of children, etc. VOT disassemble, not repairable.

If you follow the instruction manual, you have a guarantee of 24 months from the date of purchase.

Technical specification:

  • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Total power: 9W
  • Heater dimensions: diameter 30 mm, length 156 mm
  • The power supply: 2 m
  • The length of the connecting line: 1m


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