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Children's two-layer wool t-shirt Devold Duo Active red GO 239 223 A 190A

Children's two-layer wool t-shirt Devold Duo Active red GO 239 223 A 190A

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Children's two-layer wool t-shirt Devold Duo Active red GO 239 223 A 190A

Do you often worry whether your child is too warm or too cold? But your fears are unnecessary! The Devold duo Active kids long sleeve t-shirt is made from 80% Merino wool that cools when it's warm and warms when the ambient temperature drops. Let your child discover maximum comfort and experience the feeling of pleasant warmth in all conditions. Let him try a warm, lightweight, soft T-shirt made from the finest merino wool. He can dive into each day without worrying about the smell and sweat running down his body.

The Duo Active Baby T-shirt is made of a perfect two-layer knitted fabric with excellent functional properties. Excellent moisture wicking and ideal thermal insulation of the body. Devold ® Duo Active has a unique double-layer construction. Two knitted fabrics are joined together at points and each has different properties. The inner layer is made of ThermoLite hollow fibre, which is very soft and wicks moisture away from the body. The outer layer is made of fine Merino wool, which insulates against the cold and absorbs moisture from the inner layer to the outer layer, where it evaporates. This will guarantee your baby a constant feeling of dryness and warmth.

For the cottage, home, outdoors, for spring, autumn or winter trips. Just put on your child's Devold Duo Active T-shirt anywhere.

  • breathable material - better wicking of sweat from the body surface
  • double layer - better moisture wicking
  • double material on the sleeve cuffs - greater resistance to mechanical damage
  • soft to the touch and adaptable to your body - extreme comfort when moving
  • odour resistant - you don't have to wash it as often (great for longer hikes)
  • flat seams, raglan sleeves - eliminate skin abrasion
  • The Devold is the only one with Woolmark certification for underwear - this guarantees quality and durability.
  • The clothes are safe for you and your children and are Oekotex certified.
  • Wool production is environmentally friendly and a renewable resource.
  • Thermal underwear is designed for everyone regardless of age and gender and can dress you from head to toe.
  • Devold has its own factory in Europe and is the only one who controls the production of wool from sheep shearing to sewing.
  • Devold has more than 165 years of tradition and knows what it does best!
  • ideal t-shirt for the next layering event
  • 80% natural merino wool - keeps you warm even when wet
  • Everyone will appreciate the easy maintenance WITHOUT the need for ironing and the ability to WASH the shirt in the washing machine and DRY it in the dryer.



Women dimensions


34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Height (cm) 163-166 165-168 167-172 171-174 173-176 175-178 177-180
Chest circumference (cm) 80-83 84-87 88-91 92-95 96-99 100-103 104-107

Waist circumference (cm)

in the place wearing trousers
68-71 71-75 75-79 79-83 83-87 87-91 91-95

Waist circumference (cm)

in the place wearing trousers


with elastic waist
66-77 70-81 74-85 78-89 82-93 86-97 90-101
Hips (cm) 88-92 92-96 96-100 100-104 104-108 108-112 112-116
Sleeve length (cm) 76-77 77-78 79-80 81-82 82-83 83-84 84-85



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