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Wax Swix V40 blue extra

Wax Swix V40 blue extra

The most popular of wax series V. .. more

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Wax Swix V40 blue extra

Very flexible and versatile wax covering a wide range of temperatures below freezing. If you use it at temperatures around 0 ° C, the snow should be relatively fresh and the humidity is low (below 45-50%). Freshly fallen snow -1 ° C to -7 ° C. Transformed fine grained snow -3 ° C to -10 ° C.


Hard waxes are already in a number of traditional waxes reflective zone for athletes and recreational athletes. Although not contain fluorine, characterized by high quality oil with a fully refined wax, synthetic rubber and oil of pharmaceutical quality. Waxes of V under certain snow conditions used in the top races, separately or in combination with waxes VR.


To help distinguish products by their users, we have defined six user categories. A product that currently viewing falls into the following of these.

Racers (Racing): Experienced and novice racers, who spends a great skiing and large sums of time and require high performance.

Athletes (Sports / Performance): Sports enthusiasts who do not compete, but the sport is very actively engaged and retain excellent condition.

Recreational athletes (Recreation / Active): Sports lovers in nature, sports irregularly, but are interested in convenience and ease of use of equipment at a reasonable price.


Brands: Swix
Intrastat: Repair candles, vosky - 0,01 - 34060090
Availability: In stock


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