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Men's functional shirt Nordblanc Overhead blue NBWFM7594_MOB

Men's functional shirt Nordblanc Overhead blue NBWFM7594_MOB

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Men's powerfleece hoodie .. more

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Men's functional shirt Nordblanc Overhead blue NBWFM7594_MOB

Men's powerfleece sweatshirt NORDBLANC OVERHEAD from the TECNOPOLAR® DRYFOR® series, one of the bestsellers. Highly elastic material. Perfectly retains heat and wicks away moisture. The sweatshirt is ideal for sports in colder weather, but thanks to its comfortable material, men wear it on casual days too.

Powerfleece hoodie NORDBLANC OVERHEAD made of TECNOPOLAR® DRYFOR® powerstretch fleece. This highly elastic material has been very popular for several years and thanks to its elasticity it adapts perfectly to your movement needs. The inner microfleece layer helps retain heat while wicking away moisture and drying very quickly. Its flexibility and versatility make it suitable for all sports, extreme sports and outdoor activities. The ideal sports sweatshirt that is so comfortable that most people wear it even on a normal day.


It absorbs excess moisture and wicks away sweat, which evaporates faster and keeps you dry and comfortable at all times.


The flexible fabric allows freedom of movement and maximum comfort during any activity.


A functional fiber that perfectly absorbs body moisture and wicks away sweat. Thanks to the micro-grooves on its surface, moisture is efficiently removed to the outside of the material, where it evaporates quickly, leaving the skin dry and comfortable. This feature allows the material to provide perfect regulation of body temperature.


Lightweight, highly elastic material, micro brushed on the inside for increased thermal insulation and comfort. Smooth and very pleasant to the touch on the outside, it offers excellent thermal insulation and wind protection

Material: 90% polyester 10% elastane


Brands: Nordblanc
Intrastat: Hoodies a roláky - 1,00 - 61099090
Availability: 3 days


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