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Men's lightweight outdoor trousers Nordblanc Goodmood khaki NBSPM7614_MCZ

Men's lightweight outdoor trousers Nordblanc Goodmood khaki NBSPM7614_MCZ

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Men's outdoor trousers NORDBLANC GOODMOOD .. more

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Men's lightweight outdoor trousers Nordblanc Goodmood khaki NBSPM7614_MCZ

Men's outdoor trousers NORDBLANC GOODMOOD made of stretch material DOUBLELITE - DOUBLE WEAVE with fast drying DRYFOR® treatment.

NORDBLANC GOODMOOD outdoor trousers made of durable DOUBLELITE material. This material is completely windproof. Thanks to this, these trousers have been among the most popular trousers in our range for over 10 years. This is a really first-class material with great properties. The material is dirt-free, quick-drying and requires absolutely minimal maintenance. The sophisticated cut of the trousers, UV protection, a removable belt hidden in the waistband and zipped pockets provide complete comfort in extreme conditions and during normal wear. It is suitable for all outdoor activities, especially trekking and walking in the mountains. Thanks to their excellent properties, they can easily survive several days of hiking in maximum comfort.


It helps regulate your body temperature and ensures perfect thermal comfort in any weather.


It absorbs excess moisture and wicks away sweat, which evaporates faster and keeps you dry and comfortable at all times.


The flexible fabric allows freedom of movement and maximum comfort during any activity.


The material used filters the sun's UV rays and protects your skin from their harmful effects.


A functional fiber that perfectly absorbs body moisture and wicks away sweat. Thanks to the micro-grooves on its surface, moisture is efficiently removed to the outside of the material, where it evaporates quickly, leaving the skin dry and comfortable. This feature allows the material to provide perfect regulation of body temperature.


Lightweight durable material that is specifically double woven. Its main advantage is its high strength, durability and elasticity. Provides excellent resistance to wind gusts. It is of course highly breathable and has a quick-drying DRYFOR treatment and UV protection.

87% nylon 13% spandex


Brands: Nordblanc
Intrastat: Men kalhoty - 0,60 - 62034319
Availability: 3 days



Men's sizes


Height (cm) 165-168 169-172 173-176 177-180 180-183
184-187 188-191 192+
Chest circumference (cm)
84-87 88-91 92-95 96-99 100-103 104-110 111-117 118-124

Waist circumference (cm)

in the place wearing trousers
66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 91-95 96-100 101-105

Waist circumference (cm)

in the place wearing trousers for pants with elastic waist

65-77 70-82 75-87 80-92 85-97 90-102 96-108 102-116
Hips (cm) 83-87 88-92 93-97 98-102 103-107 108-113 113-118 119-124
Sleeve length (cm) 81-82 83-84 85-86 87-88 89-90 91-92 93-94 95-96



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