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(Sold out) Pants Devold Tuvegga Merino Longs GO 255 100 A 422A

(Sold out) Pants Devold Tuvegga Merino Longs GO 255 100 A 422A

Versatile 3/4 bottom trousers .. more

Pants Devold Tuvegga Merino Longs GO 255 100 A 422A

Have you ever worn the absolute top of the line in wool functional underwear? No?! In that case, it's time to check out the latest from Devold u. Reversible functional wool underwear Devold Tuvegga. These underpants are a combination of 3 different knits: wool mesh, classic ribbed knit and double-sided 3D knit.

The HUGE FLAT has temperature-regulating air pockets that offer two selectable levels of insulation. Smooth knitted fabric in contact with the skin wicks moisture into the 3D knit, where it evaporates very quickly. When turned inside out, the functionality changes and the 3D knit next to the skin holds more air in, which increases thermal comfort. Thanks to the 3D effect, the underwear easily adapts to different forms of stress during sports activities and changing ambient temperatures. The reversible design is used on the cold parts of the body in the thighs and buttocks.
The first side has a high knit at the skin, which keeps more air in and thus increases thermal comfort. The other side is made of smooth knitted fabric, which ensures high breathability.

The CLASSIC Rib Patch is used in warm areas of the body such as the calves and groin. It is very lightweight while maintaining thermal insulation capabilities. Absorbs moisture and keeps the body dry during movement.

The quick-drying mesh fleece ensures rapid wicking of moisture away from the body. It is found on the most sweaty parts of the body, such as the knee sockets.

3D knit : 99% Merino wool, 1% Elastane; weight: 250g/m2, fibre: Fine 18,7 micron
Smooth knit: 100% Merino wool; weight: 190g/m2, fibre: Fine 18.7 micron


Brands: Devold
Intrastat: Longjohns pánské - 0,15 - 62071900


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