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Warm woolen gloves Devold Svalbard Wool Mitten GO 396 630 A 435A

Warm woolen gloves Devold Svalbard Wool Mitten GO 396 630 A 435A


Stylish, warm, woolen gloves .. more

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Warm woolen gloves Devold Svalbard Wool Mitten GO 396 630 A 435A

Woolen mittens SVALBARD

Stylish, warm, woolen gloves that are not to be missed in any pocket. Suitable for both the city and the countryside. Highly warm gloves with classic Norwegian patterns will catch the attention of others. They hug your hand perfectly. They have a high hem, which ensures that snow on your forearm will definitely not surprise you. The beauty of these gloves can be accentuated in combination with a sweater and a Svalbard hat

The name of the gloves is derived from the northernmost part of the Kingdom of Norway. The weather here is very harsh and cold. Svalbard gloves are perfect for this weather

Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean north of the European mainland. It is also the northernmost part of the Kingdom of Norway. Strictly speaking, Svalbard is only the largest island in the western part of the archipelago, but it is common, if inaccurate, to refer to the entire archipelago by this name

Tradition and style for everyone

  • 100% pure new wool from Norwegian sheep
  • high hem - no freezing snow on forearms
  • Material: wool, Natural
  • Function: top (protective), base (bottom)
Tag Devold

Devold is a Norwegian company that produces wool thermal underwear. It has been in business since 1853, when Ole Andreas Devold founded it in Ålesund. Such a long tradition is unparalleled in today's market - it is clearly the oldest wool thermal underwear in the world.

Devold offers underwear ranging from the ultra-thin Breeze collection, suitable for warmer months and more sweaty activities, to the Expedition collection, suitable for the cold-hearted and for very cold conditions. In the collection you will find suitable underwear for any activity, as well as wool sweaters with excellent thermal comfort. Accessories include a wide range of hats, gloves, multifunctional scarves and socks of various types for multiple uses.


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Availability: 3 days


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