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Women's T-shirt Devold Duo Active Woman Shirt GO 328 226 A 427A

Women's T-shirt Devold Duo Active Woman Shirt GO 328 226 A 427A


The perfect modern two-layer underwear with excellent functional properties .. more

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Women's T-shirt Devold Duo Active Woman Shirt GO 328 226 A 427A

Absolutely perfect two-layer construction. Maximum sports performance odourless in total dryness and comfort. Really smart and stylish designed material for demanding athletes.
Come with us to dive into the details of the Devold Duo Active T-shirt. It is a two-layer material. Where the inner 100% ThermoLite fiber layer quickly wicks moisture away from the body to the outer layer, and for those with more sensitive skin to merino, Thermolite more comfortable to the touch. The outer layer is 80% pure merino wool and 20% Polyamide. This fibre gives you high thermal insulation and ensures that you stay warm even if you get a little wet or extremely sweat. The layers are connected in a pointwise manner every few millimetres. The ideal combination of fibres where the inner layer wicks moisture away from the the body to the outer layer where it evaporates from the surface. This T-shirt simply insulates perfectly and you will feel a constant comfortable warmth. In short, two T-shirts in one, in a great design for your active life.
Cut is anatomical and fits every body perfectly. Raglan sleeves and flat seams ensure tremendous comfort without chafing the skin. Double cuff on sleeves adds shape stability and gives greater protection against mechanical damage. The extended back allows for a deep bend without without exposing the hips and sacral area.
Thermal underwear Devold Duo Active is suitable for all mountain activities from autumn to spring. Great for hiking, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, classic downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and autumn or spring running and cycling as a single layer.
Safety and health safety is guaranteed by OEKO-TEX® certification. Brand Devold meets the strict criteria of the International Testing and certification system for textiles.

  • breathable material - better wicking of sweat from the body surface
  • soft to the touch and adaptable to your body - extreme comfort when moving
  • odour resistant - you don't have to wash it as often (great for longer hikes)
  • flat seams and raglan sleeves - eliminate skin abrasion
  • ideal shirt as a first and only layer and as a base layer for further layering
  • round neckline for easy layering
  • extended back - protects the hips against cold, does not roll up
  • double material on cuffs - greater dimensional stability, resistance to mechanical damage
  • panels on the sides - maximum freedom of movement.
  • thanks to its double knitted fabric it stands out thanks to its perfect moisture wicking and high thermal insulation
  • 80% natural merino wool - keeps you warm even when wet


  • Inner layer: 100% polyester ( ThermoLite)
  • Outer layer: 80% merino wool, 20% polyamide
  • Weight: 205 g/m2
  • Fiber: 20.5 microns


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