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Men's Reversible Merino Hoodie Devold Tuvegga GO-255-304-A-422A

Men's Reversible Merino Hoodie Devold Tuvegga GO-255-304-A-422A

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Men's Reversible Merino Hoodie Devold Tuvegga GO-255-304-A-422A

Have you ever worn the absolute top of the line in wool functional underwear? No?! In that case, it's time to try the new product from Devoldu. Reversible functional wool underwear Devold Tuvegga. This hooded t-shirt is a combination of 3 different knits namely Mesh wool mesh, classic ribbed knit and reversible 3D knit.

The HUGE FLAT has temperature-regulating air pockets that offer two selectable levels of insulation. Smooth knitted fabric in contact with the skin wicks moisture into the 3D knit, where it evaporates very quickly. When turned inside out, the functionality changes and the 3D knit next to the skin holds more air in, which increases thermal comfort. Thanks to the 3D effect, the underwear easily adapts to different forms of stress during sports activities and changing ambient temperatures. The reversible design is used on the cold parts of the body in the chest, arms and sides.

The first side has a high knit at the skin, which keeps more air in and thus increases thermal comfort. The other side is made of smooth knitted fabric, which ensures high breathability.

The CLASSIC Rib Patch is used in warm areas of the body such as the abdomen and lower arms. It is very lightweight while maintaining thermal insulation capabilities. Absorbs moisture and keeps the body dry during movement.

The quick-drying mesh fleece ensures rapid wicking of moisture away from the body. It is found on the most sweaty parts of the body, such as the back and armpits.

Wide use of Devold Tuvegg in the form of winter skiing, ski mountaineering, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. Wear the Devold Tuvegga smooth side on your body and experience the great feeling of unrestricted movement and a sense of freedom in an irresistibly stretchy material with a perfect fit that absolutely clings to your body and yet hardly registers. Stop sweat from running down your body during strenuous leisure activities.

Do you indulge in complete relaxation on the winter terrace, easy hiking or winter city life? Do you prefer a walk with the snow crunching under your feet and the mountain sun giving you energy? Wear the Devold Tuvegga high knit body side and experience a great feeling of warmth and comfort.


The Devold brand meets the strict criteria of the international testing and certification system for textiles - Oeko Tex Standard 100. This means that all products are made only from health-safe materials.

Woolmark logo, only with woollen underwear bearing this brand can you be sure that you have real quality in your hands! To carry the Woolmark logo, a garment must contain only the finest pure wool that meets strict quality criteria.

ISPO 2018 Munich The ISPO Award is awarded to those products that are innovative in terms of material, construction and design. We are very pleased that our brand Devold has been awarded this prize for the Winter 2018/19 season.

The world of Devold u is built on the most technical and unsurpassed natural fibre that we can process perfectly. It is made of wool, which is a 100% natural fibre with properties that no artificial fibre can replace. His primary job is to protect you. Although we cannot manufacture wool, for more than 166 years we have been able to process it perfectly and extract its unique properties. We process our own wool and our production facilities are located exclusively in Europe. We are the only ones who control the entire wool production process, from shearing the sheep, to spinning the yarn, to weaving the knitted fabric and sewing the final product. We are uncompromising when it comes to quality and innovation.


  • reversible - wide use in one shirt
  • 3 different types of knit on one piece of clothing - for your maximum comfort
  • Practical hood with high collar
  • breathable material - better wicking of sweat from the body surface
  • soft to the touch and adaptable to your body - extreme comfort when moving
  • flat seams and raglan sleeves - eliminate skin abrasion
  • double wrist strap with thumb hole - greater protection against mechanical damage
  • mesh side panels - provide stretch, looseness, flexibility and super breathability
  • The quality and reliability have already been verified for you by world expeditioners and explorers, sportsmen, mountain hut workers and various organizations such as. Mountain Service.
  • The wool does not melt or burn and provides naturally high protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Devold doesn't smell, even if you sweat in it several times, because the wool prevents bacteria from breeding.
  • Thermal underwear actively regulates your thermal well-being - warms in winter, cools in heat.
  • Thanks to special processing, merino underwear Devold is lighter and more comfortable to wear than other materials
  • Devold can dress you for any activity and any conditions.
  • ideal shirt for the next layering event
  • 100% natural merino wool - keeps you warm even when wet
  • Everyone will appreciate the easy maintenance WITHOUT the need for ironing and the ability to WASH the shirt in the washing machine and DRY it in the dryer.


3D knit : 99% Merino wool, 1% Elastane; weight: 250g/m2, fibre: Fine 18,7 micron

Smooth knit: 100% Merino wool; weight: 190g/m2, fibre: Fine 18.7 micron


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