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(Sold out) Inflatable sleeping pad YATE

(Sold out) Inflatable sleeping pad YATE

Inflatable mattress with six tubes, accompanied by a hand pump for inflating komfotní. .. more

Inflatable sleeping pad YATE

Inflatable mattress AVEN with six tubes complemented by a hand pump for inflating comfortable. Inflated by hand pump or valve at the corner of his mouth. The mattress can also be inflated with the aid of a pump for inflating reduction YATE and appropriate pumpy.Karimatka excels mainly small volume of packed, low weight and high comfort. Particularly suitable where you need to save space and weight while you do not want to compromise on comfort. Very popular for cycling and climbing. Detailed information can be found in the extended description.


  • Material: Polyester 75 D
  • Color: gray
  • Weight: 520 g
  • Size: 183x50x7 cm
  • Package size: 8x30 cm
  • The thermal resistance of 1.2


Comfortable inflatable mattress with a unique built-in pump for easier inflation. Built-in pump can inflate or mouth.
Instructions for use: Remove from the ground all sharp objects, open the valve and pump or mouth to inflate the mattress to the desired stiffness (see pictures). Close the valve.
After use: open the main valve and hand rolling it expel air. Store the mat clean and dry

General information:

  • mat leave inflated with the valve closed
  • direct sunlight and high temperatures!
  • Protect against fire, acids, alkalis, repellents, greasy creams and seawater
  • Clean water and soap
  • mattress is not intended as a lounger on the water!
  • Warranty: 2 years on defects in material and workmanship
  • FIX: repair, use the original set of repairs YATE.

Using the built-in pump:
1) Open the red valve
2) Push the palm of the hand pump so you can cover up the pressure at the valve opening. When permission to release the hole to get air into the pump. The pump has a check valve so that air leakage.

The main valve
1) Pull the valve opens
2) Push the valve is closed
3) Turn right, the valve locks. Turning to the left unlocks.


Brands: Yate
Intrastat: Mats ostatní - 0,90 - 63064900


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