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(Sold out) Knife Baladeo Laguiole DUB072

(Sold out) Knife Baladeo Laguiole DUB072

Laguiole hunting knife with a blade made of motorcyclebon steel. .. more

Knife Baladeo Laguiole DUB072

This hand-made knife has a blade made of carbon steel, which remains after sharpening compared to stainless steels much more sharp, but you need to take good care of her, because carbon steel is more susceptible to oxidation and subsequent corrosion than stainless steel.

The fin blade is forged, which means that the fin and the bee are forged from one piece of iron, which increases the overall strength of the blade. The total strength of knives and pins help established juniper wood handles.

Juniper wood handle knives adds to authenticity, gives him the look of traditional knives. A unique feature of juniper is an intense aroma strongly reminiscent of pepper.

The knives are put studs in the shape of a cross.


Brands: Baladéo
Intrastat: Nože - 0,20 - 82119300


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