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Knife Victorinox 5.2003.12

Knife Victorinox 5.2003.12

Cook's knife. .. more

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Knife Victorinox 5.2003.12

Universal cooking knife. If you use a knife with wide blade will cut the surface smooth and slick. The purpose of smooth and sharp edges is that of fruit or raw meat on cutting board missed the least amount of juice. On a hot pan with a smooth surface of a piece of meat quickly closed. Juices that make meat acquires taste, and therefore remain inside the meat does not dry out. Using a sharp knife can cut cooking thin slices and tomato, crisp bread, chopped scallion, cucumber, slice and carve harder vegetables, carve meat or fish, cleaned and chopped onions, garlic wipe away knives, pepper, etc. nadrtit into the hands of professional chefs most notably with receiving greater culinary knives

  • Blade length 12 cm.


Brands: Victorinox
Intrastat: Nože - 0,20 - 82119300
Availability: 5 days


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