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Tent`s poles Husky Baron 4

Tent`s poles Husky Baron 4

Replacement tent poles for the tent Baron 4 possibly Bison 4th .. more

Availability: 3 days

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Tent`s poles Husky Baron 4

Tent to tent poles Baron 4 are made of lightweight duralumin, which ensures their low weight and then the lightweight tent. At the same time but may be used to relieve the tent fourth buffalo have a diameter of 8.5 mm in the packing are three rods, two of length 462 cm and a length of 364.5 cm. Longer rods are composed of eleven sections and shorter rod of nine. Individual parts are connected by a flexible cable in the body member.

These tent poles are designed for tent Baron 4, but can also be used for tent Bizon 4 and relieve its construction.

  • MATERIAL Dural
  • DIMENSIONS Diameter: 8.5 mm Length: 2 x 424 cm, 1 x 339.5 cm


Brands: Husky
Intrastat: Stany - 4,00 - 63062200
Availability: 3 days


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