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Towel Ferrino SPORTS TOWEL L 86196

Towel Ferrino SPORTS TOWEL L 86196


Highly absorbent microfiber towel. .. more

Availability: 5 days

14,38 € -11% 12,83 €

Towel Ferrino SPORTS TOWEL L 86196

A highly absorbent towel made of polyester - microfibre terry in a nice presentation with a practical breathable cover. Lightweight and very space-saving accessory for traveling with excellent absorption abilities. The towel can squeeze up to 90% water content and is able to absorb more water and wet.

  • Weight: 140 g
  • Dimensions: 45x90 cm


Brands: Ferrino
Intrastat: Ručníky - 0,50 - 63029390
Availability: 5 days


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