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Stainless thermos Esbit 0.75 L ISO750ML

Stainless thermos Esbit 0.75 L ISO750ML


Made of high quality stainless steel. .. more

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Stainless thermos Esbit 0.75 L ISO750ML

The outer side is covered with a special thermos black matte, non-slip paint, which prevents accidental dropping while holding the glove.

Thermos is made so that the handling of it was as easy as possible. The inner layer is coated with a thermos with a thin layer of silver, which improves the insulation properties, both antibacterial and prevents sludge sedimentation.

For maximum utilization of the properties thermos before using:

  • if you want to put a thermos of hot drink before you use it Heat warm water for about 4 minutes, then drain the water and pour the liquid
  • proceed similarly in the case of cold drinks (pour cold water / 4 min.)

Each flask contains 2 cups and 2 caps - one classical and one screw quick release only at the push of a button.

All flasks have the same diameter, the change is only in height.

  • Size: 0.75 liters
  • Weight: 465 g


Brands: Esbit
Intrastat: Termosky - 0,50 - 96170019
Availability: In stock


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