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(Sold out) Manor longjohns Devold Expedition GO 155 124 A 950A

(Sold out) Manor longjohns Devold Expedition GO 155 124 A 950A

Unique double-layer wool underwear with Aquaduct function tested on polar expeditions .. more

Manor longjohns Devold Expedition GO 155 124 A 950A

Devold® Expedition has a unique two-layer construction. The two knits are connected to each other and each has different properties. Bottom Expedition underwear is made of 95% fine Merino wool Aquaduct, providing warmth during demanding expeditions and waiting for sitting in freezing weather. Even when the temperature drops below -50 ° C. The property of pure wool to absorb moisture gives you a feeling of dryness and warmth in any weather. The Aquaduct treatment improves moisture transfer to the outer layers of the garment where it evaporates. The turtlenecks are special long sleeves with arm warmers. Even when worn for a long time, Devold does not smell bad, so you feel comfortable and pleasant for your surroundings. Ideal for cold and freezing conditions for winter activities, alpine tourism, hunting and other outdoor activities at temperatures up to -50 ° C. Tested during many expeditions to both poles in the most extreme conditions.

  • The comfort zone of use is in the temperature range +5 ° C up to -50 ° C
  • Made of 95% pure Meradu wool Aquaduct modified for better moisture management
  • Two shirts in one - two joined layers, better sweat wicking and thermal insulation (thermoregulate)


  • Inner layer: 100% Merino wool
  • Outer layer: 90% merino wool, 10% polyamide
  • Weight: 235g / m2
  • Fiber: 18.7 microns


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