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Hockey stick SALMING M15

Hockey stick SALMING M15


A stick that is still one of the most lightest in the market - SALMING M15. .. more

Availability: 3 days

202,10 €

Hockey stick SALMING M15

    This stick is exactly the one that falls in love with whoever gets into the hand. Exceptional balance, the double concave shaft (bulging wider side of the shafta inward) and really very low weight make the M15 a professional model for the first time with everything.

      • Weight: Sr. 420 g, Int. 400 g, Jr. 330 g
      • Blade: Ultra-light foam core
      • Length: Snr 150cm / 59 ", Int 142cm / 56",
      • Flex: Snr 95, 105, Int. 65,
      • Bending: 11, 48, 51


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