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Hole Leki Composite 16 633-4824

Hole Leki Composite 16 633-4824


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Hole Leki Composite 16 633-4824

60% carbon composite. PA Safety - Integrated safety loop, absorbs shock and optimizes bending. Strap is secured with a special mechanism: if the pull-up mechanism is opened and the strap shall be automatically extended. If you pull down the strap remains firm in its length and provides a secure foothold. Soft - soft rubber compound that provides excellent grip. Neoprene strap security against the possibility of injury to the arm.

  • Carbide tip
  • Highly polished finish with the highest protection design sticks
  • Length 110 to 165 cm.
  • Composite Material
  • 16 mm diameter
  • Trigger Handle with SL 09
  • Strap TSPS V2


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