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Volumizers Amix NitroNox ® Shooter 12x140ml

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Intended for special nutrition

Amix NitroNoX ® Shooter ™ is a revolutionary pre-workout product as well absorbable liquid form, ready to practice in the "Single Shot" pocket-sized vial. NitroNoX Shooter ® supports an increase in explosive power, explosiveness, increase training benefits, pump up the muscles and higher resistance to fatigue. It has strong stimulatory effects on the nervous system, so you perfectly namotivuje for physical activity and encourage concentration at him. With Amix ™ ® Shooter NitroNoX give your workouts an entirely new dimension.

  • Stimulation promotes energy
  • It improves concentration power
  • It supports a maximum pump up muscles
  • It helps to improve blood circulation and nutrient supply to the muscles

Recommended dosage:

The basic daily dose is 140 ml (1 ampoule). Drink the contents of one ampoule of approx. 30-45 min. before physical performance. Shake before use.


  • 12x140ml

: 5 days

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