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Cooker Pinguin Aura blue

Cooker Pinguin Aura blue

Portable outdoor stove combined with a pot on the volume of 1250 ml. .. more

Availability: 3 days

or £69,70

Cooker Pinguin Aura blue

Integrated heat exchanger and burner with limited power to maximize the efficiency of heat transfer which saves gas - one 230 g gas motorcycletridge can cook up to 27L water. Závětří around heat effectively protects the flame of the stove from the wind. Built-in piezo igniter maximum ease of ignition. Ability to save base cookers including 230 g motorcycletridge into the pot for easy transport. S the accessories provided with the system may be suspended and thus applicable even where it can not stand on a flat surface.

  • Weight: 485 grams
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Size: Ø125 x 172 (233)
  • Volume (total / useful) 1250/1000 ml
  • Material: Stainless steel, anodized aluminum
  • Power: 1150 W
  • Carrying case: Yes


Brands: Pinguin
Intrastat: Vařiče - 0,40 - 73211190
Availability: 3 days


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