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Backpack Wisport ® Raccoon 85l - olives

Military backpack Wisport ® Raccoon 85 liters. .. more


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Military backpack Wisport ® Raccoon 85 liters.

The latest generation of survival backpack with a capacity of 85 liters provides high user comfort and support system Fas Military. It has exceptional durability and reliability under all circumstances, even in extreme conditions. It has an innovative design, excellent workmanship and in its manufacture quality materials were used.

On both sides and rear popruhovinu compatible with MOLLE attachment system for mounting other equipment - pockets, cases, pouches, water bottles and even larger items such as a mattress.

The sides has compression straps to adjust the volume of the bag at the same time serving to attach other equipment that will not fit in your bag or you need to have on hand. This further increases the transport capacity of the bag.

Possibility to divide the main compartment into two separate chambers - one third down and 2/3 above. The baffle is attached to the zipper, the partial opening facilitates transport of long objects (rolled-up mat, tripod, etc.). Access to the main compartment is possible from the top and from the bottom through the cap on the massive plastic zip.

It offers the possibility of expanding storage space with additional side pockets Wisport ® RACCOON a capacity of 9 liters

The backpack is equipped with side handles for motorcyclerying in one hand, useful when mounting / dismounting or backpack, for example, in overcoming the ford.

It can also motorcyclery camelbag.

The removable top bag are two zippered pockets and a velcro panel for attaching ID label.

Backpack comes with a poncho / rain cover fitted. This raincoat is in a hidden pocket on the bottom of the bag with velcro closure.

Thanks Fastex type buckles on the harness backpack, backpack can be quickly where necessary remove / dismotorcycleded.

Lumbar support relieves the load from the shoulders, but it is possible to disengage, for example, if the user has a modular belt or tactical vest.

  • Capacity: 85 liters.
  • Support System: Fas Military.
  • Mounting: 2 shoulder straps 1 extended waist strap - all with snap buckles.
  • Material: Cordura ® nylon.
  • Clips / Buckles: WISPORT ®.
  • Zippers: ITW NEXUS, YKK ®.
  • Weight: 3300 g
  • The number of internal chambers: 2nd
  • The number of pockets 5 - internal and external.
  • Possibility to divide the main compartment into two separate chambers.
  • Dimensions: 65 cm x 38 cm x 34 cm.
  • Purpose: survival, military, Tremp.

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